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PT. Buana Tirta Utama's officialy operating


OEM Sunfill Juice Powder for The Coca Cola Company.
Installing Aseptic Machine line and Aseptic Pack 200 ml (13.500 pack per hour).

PT. Buana Tirta Utama and PT. Fruit-ING Indonesia side by side continue producing ingredients and developing beverage and products for our brand, Calista. The other projects we currently working are:

Nutrisari Fruit and Veggies Series, Aseptic Pack 200 ml  for Nutrifood Indonesia.
Fruitamin, clear juice beverage, Hot fill Cup 180 ml for Asahi Indofood.
Panther Energy Drink, Hot fill Cup 180 ml for PT. Kino Indonesia.


Acquisitions of PT. Fruit-ING Indonesia.


Producing several products, including our own brand, Calista Juice Series.
Exporting ingredients to U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea and domestic market.
Calista Banana & Edamame Milk Drink.
Calista Coconut Cream Powder

These are the exhibitions that we've attended :
• SIAL Interfood, Canada
• ASEAN Trade Fair, Korea
• SIAL Interfood, Jakarta 
• FOODEX Tokyo
• SIAL Paris
• Korea Food Show

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