PT Buana Tirta Officially Started Operating


  • OEM Sunfill Juice Powder for The Coca Cola Company
  • Installing Aseptic Machine line and Aseptic Pack 200ml (13,500 pack per hour)


Acquisitions of PT.Fruit-ING Indonesia


  • Producing several products including our own brand, Calista Juice Series
  • Exporting ingredients to U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea and domestic markets
  • Calista Banana and Edamame Milk Drink
  • Calista Coconut Cream Powder

PT. Buana Tirta Utama and PT. Fruit-ING Indonesia

side by side has continued producing ingredients and developing beverage and products for our brand, Calista. The other projects we are currently working on include:

  • Nutrisari Fruit and Veggie Series, Asepetic Packet 200ml for Nutrifood Indonesia.
  • Fruitamin, clear juice beverage, Hot fill cup 180ml for Asahi Indofood
  • Panther Energy Drink, Hot fill Cup 180ml for PT. Kino Indonesia

These are the exhibitions that we've attended:

  • SIAL Interfood, Canada
  • ASEAN Trade Fair, Korea
  • SIAL Interfood, Jakarta
  • SIAL Paris
  • Korea Food Show