Our Products

Introducing our products, produced under our sister's company, PT. Buana Tirta Utama. From non alcoholic beverages, juices, tea to fine food products; coconut cream powder, chocolate compound, and more

We ensure that every ingredients used on our products are all in the best quality, and Halal certified.

Calista Juices

Mango, Guava, Soursop, Pineapple, Apple and Orange avalaible on Aseptic Pack 200ml, 250ml and 1L.

Calista Jasmine Tea

Teh Melati, available on Plastic Cups 180ml and Aseptic Pack 250ml

Calista Coconut Cream Powder

Packed in 20g Sachet. (10 Sachet/Box)

Calista Banana and Edamame Milk Drink

Packed in Aseptic Pack 200ml.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetable Ingredients

PT. Fruit-ING produce high quality 100% all natural and fresh fruits and vegetable frozen products. The products varies from Puree (paste consistency),IQF(Individually Quick Frozen; Chopped Fruits or Vegetables) and Aseptic products (Puree that has been processed). Our products are all stored in cold storage (-18C), the shelf life is minimum of two years when properly stored in -18C in unopened containers

Our products are 100% frozen ingredients, which means no added preservatives, color or sugar. Made from the freshest raw materials possible that varieties, brix level, and more ingredients characterizied to vary to customer's specifications.

Products Applications

The applications of the products examples are:

  • Bakery (cookies and pastries filling)
  • Beverage (juices, drink, smoothies)
  • Confections (jellies, gummies, hard candy/chocolate centers)
  • Dairy (yogurts, ice cream, sorbets, desserts)
  • Sauces (salad dressings, jams)


We offer a variety of aseptic packaging for puree and IQF Products, frozen in pail drums. The aseptic packaged products are ready to use, no thawing requirements, stored in room temperatures and are available in many sizes: from bag-in-box to drums. All packages will be labeled with the specifications, production and expiration date of the product

Products Knowledge

  • Calista Juice are made of our own fruit puree, guaranteed fresh.
  • All beverages are processed by UHT technology and aseptic packaged to make sure it will stay fresh and tasty.
  • Improving Quality is our motto, we make sure that our products always have the best ingredients to producte only the best quality.
  • No preservatives and coloring substances are added to our drink. We make sure our products stay fresh with aseptic technology and pay attention to the storage of the ingredients.