PT Buana Tirta Utama Officially Started Operating


  • OEM Sunfill Juice Powder for The Coca Cola Company
  • Installing Aseptic Machine line and Aseptic Pack 200ml (13,500 pack per hour)


Acquisitions of PT Fruit-ING Indonesia


  • Producing several products including our own brand, Calista Juice Series
  • Exporting ingredients to U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea and domestic markets
  • Calista Banana and Edamame Milk Drink
  • Calista Coconut Cream Powder


  • PT Fruit-ING Indonesia processed tropical fruits for the domestic and international market
  • PT Buana Tirta Utama manufactured beverages start from tea, juice, and milk for domestic and international brand owners.

PT Buana Tirta Utama and PT Fruit-ING Indonesia

PT Buana Tirta Utama is a contract manufacturing/OEM and Private Labels in the beverage industry. We provide end-to-end services for producing beverage fine goods, trusted by multiple brand owners (domestic and international) since 2002.

Side by side with our sister company, Fruit-ING is a production facility in Indonesia since 2012, focusing on processed fruit & vegetable and related items for the beverage, dairy, health, and functional products industries. The company operates on investing in bulk fruit and vegetable products (Puree, IQF, and Dried).

Our company is certified by Halal, H.A.C.C.P., and implementing FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000 & PAS 220) certifications.

Our Value Creation is Inclusive

We share the core belief that sustainable business practices hold the key to future success. Strong Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments (ESG) also create shareholder value. Long-term value creation can’t be achieved by ignoring the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees, and society.

Our company has complied with world-class food safety certifications. We commit to making food safe, affordable, and available everywhere in a sustainable way.