PT. Buana Tirta Utama

Working as a contract manufacturing company since 2000, Buana Tirta Utama ensures that the production's operations all are according to our customer's individual quality procedures. We have been trusted by multiple brand owners both international and domestic, with food safety implemented. We pay attention to the site cleanliness and details of the ingredients used to deliver the best for your customers.

"We provide a wide range of fruit juice beverages. Our company is a total juice solutions company with operations in all stages of juice manufacturing: from the producing of fruit ingredients and their processing through to OEM brand/private labels."

Our Capability

We provide OEM brand/private labels products
These are the product lines that we have:

    Liquid Food Processing Systems :
  • Aseptic Process
  • Hot Fill Process

  • Sachet Processing Product
  • Sachet Powder
  • Sachet Liquid

Why Contract Manufacturing

We are able to help your needs from the start of creating a formula, ingredients sourcing to the finalization of the products.

We've met clients at various stages of products development, and we're offering solutions for each of their problems. The stages our clients have to include:

  • Have only the basic idea for the beverage, with or without the basic formula or ingredients
  • Have the basic ingredients, but not sure of how to develop a formula.
  • Already have the product but want it to be repackaged into a new product or need an extra line of production.

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