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Frozen Fruits and Vegetable Ingredients
PT. Fruit-ING produce high quality 100% all natural and fresh fruits and vegetable frozen products. The products varies from Puree (paste consistency), IQF (Individually Quick Frozen; Chopped Fruits or Vegetables), and Aseptic products (Puree that has been processed). Our products are all stored on cold storage (-18°C), the shelf life is minimum of two years when properly stored at -18°C in unopened containers.

Our products are 100% frozen ingredients, means no added preservatives, color, sugar. Made from the freshest raw materials possible that varieties, brix level, and more ingredients characteristics can vary to customer specifications.

Products Applications
The applications of the products examples ore:

Bakery (cookies and pastries filling)
Beverage (juices, drinks, smoothies)
Confections (jellies, gummies, hard candy /chocolate centers)
Dairy (yogurts. ice cream, sorbets. desserts)
Sauces (Salad dressings, jams)

We offers a variety of aseptic packaging for puree and IQF products, frozen in pails/drums. For the aseptic packaged products are ready to use, no thawing requirements, stored in room temperatures, also available in many size from bag-in-box, drums. All packages will be labeled with the specifications, production and expiration date of the product.

For the list of fruits and vegetables and seasons information, download our brochures by clicking link below:

Fruit Crop Season Table

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